Fear is something  that is not to be feared of because the fear of the fear that we are actually afraid of is the fear that does not exist in reality but only in the mind.
Let me Examplify:

The road is dark and you are alone;walking amidst a dark forest. The horrifying screeches of the bats besides you and a light breeze that titilates your body. 

You are in FEAR!

But have you ever wondered what are you actually fearing of? The dark around you or the environment that sorrounds you? Or is it a mixture of both. Now imagine, you are not alone and you have some friend with you in the same dark scene. Your fear now seems to reduce to some extent because you have a support.

So what can you decipher? 

Its neither the dark nor the environment that made you fear. It is instead the feeling of being alone which made you shiver. 
It is quite common that we start fearing without knowing the actual cause of it. We dont even pay heed to know the cause in the situation and that makes us panic. And once we know the cause, the fear strikes out. What I mean is that it is that we very often fail to know the actual ccause of our fear even though the answer lies secured somewhere in our sub conscious mind.  

The Hindu Shastras says that chanting of tbe Hanuman Chalisa reduces fear and imparts you courage and boosts your confidence.

But is it practically so? Or is it merely a supporting hand to divert your attention from the fear. Just in the same way your friend helped you to curb out your fear in the dark forest. It is all about a belief of a helping hand tbat supports you.

Fear and Panic: You lost your gold chain. You fear that you met a heavy loss. But what is the fear that you are actually fearing of. The loss of the chain? Or the loss of the chain’s worth?  But on a deeper insight you would know that the actual cause of the fear is how can you be so careless? And once you find out the reason being careless, you can find out where you lost the chain.

What I want to mean here is that we are very often afraid of various situations without actually knowing what we are afraid of. Fear is something which is immensely valuable. It stops us from doing misdeeds, from hurting anyone. Fear is to be stored in with care but it should be exposed with reality. Mere panic would never lead us to a solution. But insights into our fear would definitely lead us into progress.

Being Human???


Like every other day; began today in my life. But i was not aware of the moral that life would bless me upon with today. It was about 10 in the morning and I was off for my classes; amidst the hizzy-busy streets of the city, it is like noone bothers who is walking besides you. Everyone piled up with their own duties, tensions, responsibilities.

We call ourselves human. But are we so? What is so human within us?

Is this being humane when we dont respond to a fly trapped in a spider web? Or is this humane to kick the ass of a street dog who is leisurely sleeping? Or is this humane when we refuse to buy some dried up vegetables from a poor grocer because he lacks quality stuff or because it is down market for us?

I too cannot cannot call myself a human since after I refused to help out an old lady waiting helplessly  in the roadside for somebody to make her cross it. I was one among those hundreds of men who were busy with their own chores and living only in the world of their own where they,their work and their loved ones exists. Though I wanted to stop my bike; come for her help, yet i dont know why did not I bother to put my brakes.

Am i human? Or do I merely claim so?

I know most my readers might think my incident to be a trivial one. But it is an urge to everyone. “Stop looking for the big; it is the spark that ignites  the fire.”

It was centuries ago when a sage said, ” If a scorpion can do its duty by biting people hard; why can’t we do our duty by loving and respecting other beings. After all we are Humans; at least we are better than scorpions.”